Bits and Pieces Today.

June 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

worked on most of them today

most of the day spent on this background


two words – finally finished!


October 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

adding colour


it continues...


The big hydrangea continues.

I have progressed more than these pics show but i havent managed to get any more pics taken. I have set up all of my work in a spare room while renovations continue (noisily) around me. The progress of the reno’s are great but my art room is still not finished and i need to keep working hence the need to move to another room. Not ideal but like the renovations…i need to progress! x

More Colour.

September 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

another layer of colour

another layer of colour

Whilst a dust storm raged outside i managed to get another couple of hours painting done this morning. Everything in the house is covered in a nice film of dust. I’ve never seen this type of storm in Sydney before, i think half of the desert has been blown over the city!! The next day or so will be spent sweeping it up. 😦  The painting is taking form now, i want to make the darks much more deep and dark and the lights nice and bright so there’s a bit of layering to happen yet. Happy days!!

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