First Day.

January 15, 2013 § 3 Comments



Well the year has started (work wise) and i am back at my easel. I’m working at finishing off this commissioned piece and by next week i should be starting on my next commission – a big hydrangea which im really looking forward to doing. Hope the year has started off well for you all. xx


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I really enjoy this magazine. Its about gathering people around food. Its well written and the pictures are gorgeous. I buy mine from LivedIn Coogee. xx

Kinfolk Magazine.

LivedIn Coogee

Orange and Pink.

January 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Orange and Pink.

Love orange and pink together. Found these gorgeous bouganvillea leaves on my walk this morning. Today we are busy putting the school bags together with all of the needed bits and pieces. Uniforms are ironed and ready to wear – such a contrast to the colourful t-shirts, boardies and summer attire of the last 7 weeks. Routine here we come…

Summer Fruit.

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White Nectarines


White Nectarines are my favourite summer fruit and I couldn’t resist photographing these beauties this afternoon. Three weeks left of our school holidays and then the brushes and canvas’s come out of hibernation once again…can’t wait, the ideas are beginning to pile up in my mind!! For now though i’m still loving being ‘Entertainment director’ for my kids – lotsa fun times.


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Well the urge to paint is always there but for the moment i am mummy –  Entertainment Director!!!! Its our summer school holidays here in the land of Oz and so brushes are put down and canvases covered in sheets. The urge to create does not dissipate though, it just needs to be outworked by different means. For the next 8 weeks I’ll be filling my lovely black reporter style Moleskin with ideas, drawings and dreams and a few nice smooth stones will find themselves with little drawings all over them –  all done while sitting under some good Aussie summer sun (with lots of sunscreen!!). Merry Christmas everyone. Be blessed.


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Summer begins here on Tuesday. We’ve had so many hot days already, today was 35 degrees celcius and last Sunday was a sweltering, quite unbearable 43 degrees!! Along with the hot weather, summer in Sydney brings with it so many great things… of those being bushes full of scented gardenia’s! The scent just says summer to me. Love them….my next painting, (which hopefully i will get to start this week) is a big, full, open bloom like this one. x

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