Ultramarine and White.

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t h e  s k y

t h e s k y

t h e s e a

t h e s e a


Hydrangea Purple

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I photographed this hydrangea today. I thought the colours were beautiful.

White Rabbit.

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light installation


ice sculpture


a bazillion nails that make a picture


Finally got to visit White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale this afternoon. Four floors of art and a cafe at the bottom. Brilliant!

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Lots of painting today. Still against a grey, rainy backdrop. I think that there is most probably another couple of weeks on this one and then to start another grey rose. x

Grey Rose.

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first layer of colour on under painting


first layer of colour


some detail


detail much


this is now and im unsure where to take it from here...

Still much to do…

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we have a way to go….love the journey


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I found these beauties at a gorgeous flower shop today and they reminded me that spring is very close.

We in the southern hemisphere are a bit excited!

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