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another colour layer x

another colour layer x

The Garden.

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working on both of these today. x

working on both of these today. x


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Continued working on this one today.


This one went to its Melbourne home.


Walked by the beach.


And kept working on this one. Great day. x


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still searching for the perfect hydrangea colour

still searching for the perfect hydrangea colour


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yes i am

yes i am


I am so grateful for everything that has transpired in the year just past. Whilst not everything went perfectly or without some struggle,  i give thanks. For it all. Looking forward to lots more life in 2013! xx


December 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

...and some transparent yellow

added some alizarin and transparent yellow


I’m enjoying experimenting with this one. I’ve decided to do a classic layer and a ‘messed’ up layer alternatively. These colours will slowly disappear underneath but you will sense their presence still at the end. Ive sprinkled some thinner on also to break up the solid colour a little. Beautiful sunny day here in Sydney. xx







November 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

spent all day on the hydrangea adding details


added a rough colour layer to this one


Happy Wednesday all. xx


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