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I was so inspired by these colours, textures and patterns all working together so perfectly that i had to do a post on them. Its something i want to achieve in my paintings – different colours, textures, layers, moods all working together to create something beautiful. A whole.

All by J.Crew and taken from The Sartorialist.


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So Blue.

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Yves Klein


I am loving this intense Blue and would love to use it in a painting…

Yves Klein worked with a chemist to develop his own particular brand of blue. Made from pure color pigment and a binding medium, it is called International Klein Blue.

Stunning. x

Yves Klein




…and now to Stella McCartney. This Blue is just so beautiful against the black and white.





intense and beautiful







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silver and cream


about to start


Inspiration for today’s painting.

Grey, silver, cream, white. x






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