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in process




I love the process. I love that its slow. It love that it takes months. I love that there is drying time. I love that I get to do it in my art room. I love that my art room is in my house. I love painting.

Very grateful.

More Details.

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Rain falling. Painting details. x

On its Way…

November 18, 2011 § Leave a comment


Its happening slowly but surely. The end is in sight. I checked my calendar recently only to find that school holidays are fast approaching. I am working as fast as i can to finish this one before i become ‘Entertainment Director’ for my 2 children once again. I love school holidays but it does mean that i don’t get to pick up my brushes too often.

Renovations are still whirring around me.The noise has been quite constant the last few weeks but seeing the progress makes it all ok!!

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