May 17, 2015 § 6 Comments

The portrait continues. Trying to figure the skin!! X

§ 6 Responses to Skin

  • Chas Spain says:

    Hi Leanne it’s coming on beautifully – love the soft chalkiness of the colours


    • leanneT says:

      Thank you so much Chas it’s a challenge but loads of fun!!! L


      • Chas Spain says:

        definitely challenging – especially when you have everything ‘there’ but then you want to get to the next level – you want to be bold but don’t want to ‘overwrite’ anything – such a balancing act – look forward to seeing the next stage


  • Lou says:

    Amazing! I love the dreaminess to it so in a way the skin/style actually works 🙂 however if you wanted to go more realistic, which I don’t feel that you do, what I tend to use for skin colour is the following:

    But instead of using ultramarine blue I tend to add sap green. Go bold with your shadows by using blue tones. All depends which style/ effect you trying to create x


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