Then There Were Two

October 28, 2014 § 2 Comments



the top one is almost complete, the bottom one on its way xx

§ 2 Responses to Then There Were Two

  • Robin McCoy says:

    your work is so amazing. I think I came across it on Pintest. I too am a painter and have been stuck for months now. I was sick for a few and then my daughter and baby move back in ( sorry to get so personal) I want to get back and don’t know why it’s so hard to get started. I love painting flowers also and live in a beautiful place where there is an abundance. I wanted to know how much time you put into your work? do you paint everyday? Is it like a job ,say 9-5? I hope I don’t seem like a crazy person, but if Iam not painting I don’t feel right. Thanks for your time. Aloha, Robin


  • Thank you so much. Your work is beautiful also. Yes I paint everyday unless something comes up. I have an exhibition in Feb so I’m working pretty hard at the moment. Fun though. Yes I treat it like a job, it’s the only way to get the work done. I don’t wait until I ‘feel’ in a creative mood, I just keep plodding away. You’re not crazy at all, it’s just one of the things you’re put on the planet to do, so it feels right when you do it. Hope this helps. Leanne


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