Sky Blue

August 5, 2009 § 1 Comment

The priming is finished on 2 of the squares. I love this blue prime (imprimatura) as it acts perfectly as the mid tone colour of the painting. The mid toned imprematura sets up all of the basic colour relationships of the painting. It does play a part in the final painting even though it sometimes sits under layers of colour. Its all about good foundations!!! I want the painting to end up being quite blue/green so it makes sense to apply a blue that can be used within the painting. A cool midtone is very effective as it makes an object appear 3 dimensional when accompanied by warm highlights and warm darks on either side.


§ One Response to Sky Blue

  • nola jones says:

    Oh boy love the Blue. You are on your way again, enjoy, the challenge we are sure it will be spectacular..Beautiful springy day here. Dad played golf and I made some choc chip biscuits and a Banana Cake. Love to allXXXX


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